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Montego Bay Jamaica Vacation

Things To Do and Places To Go

Island Activities that you can do during you Montego Bay Jamaica Vacations

Unarguably the island’s tourist capital, you’ll find during your Montego Bay Jamaica vacation that this is where most tourists congregate.

This is a city where resorts abound, where shopaholics are incessantly enticed by hardworking entrepreneurs and where everything else that comes with a tourism dependent island can be found.

It’s easy to forget that you’re in Jamaica when you’re in MoBay.

Montego Bay BeachBecause if you so desire, you don't have to leave your resort ---you can just stay in the comfort that it offers, providing you every kind of necessity and luxury available. (Photos by Winryder)

Yet Montego Bay and its surroundings, beyond the shops and the fancy resorts, offers an interesting and colorful view of Jamaica and Jamaican culture—you've just got to be willing to explore it.

( Note: The Jamaica tourism board has a list of things that you can do during your Montego Bay Jamaica vacation if you’re interested in doing anything other than lazing round the resort or hotel. )

Activities During Your Montego Bay Jamaica Vacations

MoBay is largely the hub of tourist activities and sights and if the beach is not enough for you, you’ll never run out of things to do during your Montego Bay Jamaica vacation. Listed below are fun things you can do in and around Montego Bay .

  • Montego Bay Marine Park
    A protected marine sanctuary, you can take a tour and see this underwater marine world. There are glass bottom boats for those who do not want to get their feet wet, but you can also scuba dive, snorkel or take catamaran rides around the marine park. Check out MoBay Undersea Tours
  • Doctors Cave Beach
    You mustn’t miss this world famous beach. If you don’t believe in its curative powers, then go for its shimmering crystal water, great beach and tropical ambiance. If you frequent Jamaica, you can become a member of the Doctors cave bathing club and avail of various member benefits such as the exclusive use of its club house, fitness centers, spa facilities and more.
  • The Blue Mountains & the Maroon Village
    The Blue Mountains, a towering and imposing backdrop in Jamaica are not often part of the itinerary of a tourist on a Montego Bay Jamaica vacation. For one, it's a bit out of the way and secondly, traveling to this part of Jamaica can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable. But if you have the adventurous spirit to explore the Blue Mountains and its surroundings, it'll be an unforgettable experience.

One place that you should consider going to is the Maroon Village in Accompong. The visit is a good cultural insight into the life of the Maroons, who were the first freed slaves in the Western hemisphere and the only Jamaican slaves who fought against the British ( pretty well I have to say---apparently because the British got a bit too excited about the rum ).

  • Bob Marley Experience and Theatre
    A visit to this place which is a tribute to Bob Marley, one of Jamaica’s most celebrated artists, is an interesting one for fans and non-fans alike. A fairly new establishment, this is located at the Half Moon Shopping Village. Pore over Bob Marley memorabilia and then watch a theatre show about his life.
  • Horse Back Riding
    For beginners to avid equestrians, explore the beaches, the mountains or the parks of Jamaica by horse.
  • Rose Hall and The White Witch
    Freak yourself out with a visit to Rose Hall, Jamaica’s very own haunted house. This was once the residence of Annie Palmer, the beautiful Voodoo Priestess who tortured slaves and murdered her husbands. Listen to tour guides as they passionately tell you of the creepy things that happen in the house to this day.
  • Golf
    Montego Bay has the best golf courses in the country and even in the Caribbean, so for Golf enthusiasts, this should be a good place to have a to practice your swing as well as have a beach holiday.

Other Activities For A Montego Bay Jamaica Vacation

  • Aquasol Theme Park
  • Sailing and Other Watersports
  • Croydon in the Mountain
  • Appleton Express
  • Barnett Estate
  • Visit Plantations
  • Explore the mountains on a motorbike or a mountain bicycle

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