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A Negril Jamaica Vacation

Activities At The Beach And In The Town

Attractions and things to do during your Negril Jamaica vacation

NegrilFrom the 60’s to the 70’s, a Negril Jamaica vacation was synonymous with exotic getaways reserved for hippies and the flower children -- a hideaway with a pristine white beach and a mystical aura. Photo by Orbital Joe

These days, tourists of all sorts flock to Negril to get a glimpse of this much raved about slice of paradise.

Still retaining the ambiance that that brought it to fame, Negril is now largely Jamaica’s chilling out and party capital—a place where you can be as laid back as a sloth or as active as a bee.

Attractions To See During Your Negril Jamaica Vacations

Many go to Negril for the experience of being on its 7 Mile beach— a place to relax, sunbathe, swim during the day and then party the night away. There aren't as many interesting attractions in Negril as there are in MoBay or Kingston, but if you feel like doing something, we’ve listed some things to do and places to see during your holidays.

  • A vacation in Negril is one where you’ll never run out of water sports to participate in. You don't have to leave the beach! Activities include parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, and deep sea fishing.
  • On the West End of Negril are miles of cliff where just as much fun happens as by the beach. A popular activity is cliff diving. You can give it a try if the prodding of your friends begins to get to you. But for those of us who prefer a less adrenalin-driven lifestyle, there are divers whom you can watch as they eagerly show off their cliff diving skills —for a fee of course!
  • You must have heard of Hedonism II if you plan to visit Jamaica—a Superclub hotel that aims to relive the Negril of the 60’s with its free spirit tenet. If you don’t mind seeing nude people walking around, going to Hedonism II is quite an experience.
  • Negril Scuba Center – Jamaica hosts century old reefs which will undoubtedly dazzle any person who loves to dive. Go to the Negril Scuba center to book a diving trip.
  • For the quiet side of Negril, go to the West end. There aren’t that many resorts, but you’ll get your peace and quiet.
  • Watch Negril's famous sunsets while listening to a reggae band and sipping your rum punch
  • A bit farther away is Roaring River. Rent a bike and see this natural wonder.
  • Go to Mayfield Falls to see this 5 acre natural park. Have a dip in the pool or perhaps learn a thing or two about Jamaica cuisine and folk dancing.
  • Go to Rick's Café at least once... Yes, food can be pricey and there's nothing special about its menu, but Rick's Café is an institution in Negril. Go there if only for the majestic view, the breathtaking sunsets, and to tell your friends that you've been.
  • Not afraid of heights? Climb Negril's lighthouse with 103 steps for a view of the coast.
  • Fancy a bit of trekking and being atone with Jamaica’s natural habitat? Go to Negril’s Royal Palm Reserve where you’ll see various animal species, unique and not so unique to Jamaica

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