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Orlando Airboat Rides

If you think that Airboat tours are only limited to the South Florida Everglades, think again.

If you’re in Central Florida and can’t be bothered to travel to the Everglades, it is actually possible to get on an airboat tour in the Orlando area.

Where do the Orlando Airboat Rides Go?

To Central Florida’s very own "Everglades": the marshes and swamps of St John’s River.

This history-rich natural attraction teems with wildlife such as eagles, turtles and herons and of course, the Florida alligator!

Booking Orlando Airboat Tours

Listed below are some airboat tour companies that you can get in touch with to make a reservation. You can easily google these companies to know more about their services

Kissimmee Florida

  • Boggy Creek Airboat Rides: Offers a good selection of tours from private trips to night airboat tours. This has been featured in many travel magazines and shows. 30 minute airboat tour costs $19.95 USD

Christmas Florida

  • Old Fashioned Airboat Rides : With a licensed US Coast Guard captain. 90 minute tour costs $40 (includes tax) for all ages over 12.
  • A-Awesome Airboat Ride: With Captain Gator Bruce, an excellent guide for this trip. Takes a maximum of only 6 guests. For contact info go to his website

Some Relevant Information

  • St. John's River is about 45 minutes from Disney and 15 minutes from the Kennedy Space Center
  • To read more about St. John's history and attractions, visit this site

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