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Palau and Jellyfish Lake

For tropical island travelers looking for a spectacularly unique natural destination full of aquatic wonders, there is a special place that should certainly be on a travel itinerary. That place is the aquatic island wonderland known as the Palau archipelago. Also occasionally known as .Belau., as it is spoken in native Palauan, the relatively small island nation boasts an amazing abundance of pristine aquatic delights ready to mystify even the most adventurous of world travelers. The Palau archipelago is located east of the Philippines and to the south of Japan. Here is some insight into Palau to help you get started planning a trip to the dazzling island paradise.

The people of the Palau archipelago are known internationally for their particularly strong dedication to relatively strong environmental standards. This is evidenced by the pristine state of the natural treasury of the islands of Palau. The island nation reportedly became sovereign in 1994 and one of most famous aspects of its constitution is the concept of being a nuclear-free nation. This is certainly a wise choice for a nation that is likely to depend primarily on tourism in the years ahead. Since the islands of Palau were previously entrusted by the United Nations to the US, one of the two official languages of Palau is English (the other is the native Palauan). This is great news for English speaking travelers who don't speak a lot of Palauan.

The Palau archipelago's most famous attraction is likely to be its magnificent jellyfish lake. The lake is legendary for an abundance of incredibly unique natural inhabitants and also sparkling emerald waters. Imagine for a moment being completely immersed in clear waters surrounded by millions of gently pulsating and stingless peach colored jellyfish. The first time one hears about the amazing jellyfish lake of Palau, it is likely a rather astounding concept. Such a gorgeous saltwater lake is the kind of fantastic place that one may find in a movie about another planet, but thankfully such wonders are readily available in the islands of Palau. In the lake the jellyfish have apparently evolved to be stingless as they have no natural predators and are sustained by algae contained within their collective forms.

The huge school of jellyfish makes a daily journey from the western side of the lake in the morning to the eastern side of the lake in the afternoon. This is to nourish their inner greenhouses of algae with sunlight as they follow the movement of the sun as it crosses the sky above each day. The jellyfish are apparently so efficient about their solar power that they are known to even pause at points in their daily traversal when a shadow is cast on the lake by a tree. The sun provides more than just sustenance for the algae and jellyfish of the lake. The rays of sunlight additionally provide spectacular illumination shining through the emerald lake and its inhabitants in a wonderful way.

While the jellyfish lake of Palau is likely its most famous snorkeling attraction, there are also many other areas of interest for the aquatically inclined. Palau's snorkeling and diving are certainly world class and there is much to enjoy.

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