Recommendations For The Best Tropical Island Vacations

Ko Pha Ngan Thailand


The islands of Thailand are a more and more popular tropical destination for travelers seeking a relaxing holiday of beach and ocean. The largest of the southern islands, and also the one considered to be the most popular, is known as Phuket.

The island of Phuket is a popular Thai destination for many reasons, one being its location. The island is connected via a relatively short bridge to the Thai mainland, making it easily accessible by car or bus transportation. The island is historically documented as having been a common stop for ships along the trade route spanning from China to India. Today the island is home to one of Thailand's few international airports, making it a convenient place for international travelers to enjoy a tropical holiday.

There are some good things to note when planning a trip to Phuket. The climate is relatively humid and generally considered warmest from March until the beginning of May. The monsoon season is from May to October and rain during those months can be common in the evenings, although the daylight hours are often still sunny. The months from November to February are likely the best season to enjoy Phuket, as the season generally presents optimal weather conditions for enjoying the island. Also worth noting is that the island's tourism is now its primary industry and has reportedly made Phuket the wealthiest province in Thailand. This means that people on the island generally enjoy an abundant lifestyle for Thailand and this can be a much more positive environment for tourists. English speakers will also be happy to hear that the language is widely spoken on Phuket, making it easier to communicate with the local people and find what you are looking for

In addition to the many beaches and resorts of Phuket, there are a variety of other attractions worth noting. There is a butterfly farm featuring at least forty different native butterfly species that is sure to dazzle its visitors. There is also a crocodile farm for those who are looking for a wilder peek at nature. Should a theme park be your cup of tea, there is one on Phuket called FantaSea that has been referred to as a kind of Asian Disney Land. The island also has many waterfalls and spectacular vistas for some of the more adventurous travelers to enjoy.

There are many aquatic activities to enjoy on Phuket. Snorkeling and scuba diving are both popular and there are many tour companies catering to international tourists. Phuket is also considered to be the primary center of yachting and sailing in Thailand. There are annual races and even a boat show. Boat marinas are located on the eastern side of the island, featuring a variety of ships. This reportedly includes a fleet of Chinese style "junk" rigged sailing ships that are available for day trips.

The tropical island of Phuket has a lot to offer its visitors. Its convenience and abundance of restaurant and accommodation options have made it a destination of choice for many travelers.