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Pohnpei Hotels And Things To do

As promised, here are the top Pohnpei hotels and attractions.

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The Best Pohnpei Hotels

Listed below are the top three Pohnpei hotels. There’s a link after each entry which should lead you to the hotel’s website or another site that features the hotel in detail.

The Village Hotel: This is Pohnpei’s 4 star resort and is considered as the best hotel in all of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

This hotel appeals to those who want a tropical getaway with a rustic feel. It claims to be an eco resort and offers tree house bungalows for accommodation.

Good place to book diving tours and other activities in Pohnpei.

The Joy Hotel: Located on the island’s main city, Kolonia, the Joy Hotel is a 10-room accommodation with modern amenities (such as a cable tv!).

It is also known for its top notch restaurant that offers special Japanse style menu.

South Park Hotel: A budget alternative in Pohnpei with rates starting at $40 USD. Not like the Village Hotel but a good value for money.

Within walking distance to downtown area. With complimentary airport transfers

Pohnpei Micronesia Attractions

Pohnpei is really an island that’s meant for relaxation and being at one with nature. Don’t expect discotheques here, but expect lots of days sunbathing, watching the sun set or just enjoying the scenery.

But if you really must go out, here are some things that you can do:

1) Surrounded by coral, diving and snorkeling are the most popular activities in Pohnpei. It’s usually easy to book a diving trip from your hotel.

2) Flyfishing

3) Pohnpei is not called Micronesia’s Garden Island for nothing. So expect lots of nature-focused activities such as bird watching and Hiking

4) The waterfalls here are also breathtaking

5) Interisland travel – It’s reasonably easy to visit other islands in Micronesia from Pohnpei

6) Go to a Sakau bar

7) Climb up its most popular attraction, Sokehs Rock

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