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Honeymoon In Africa

Thinking about honeymooning in Africa's islands? Here's a list of the top destinations in this exotic continent

For a truly exotic travel destination, have your honeymoons in Africa: it’s not just the beaches that will make your honeymoon memorable. There’s the safari, the mountains, the food and the many spa retreats.

For your honeymoons in Africa, check out the following destinations:

Mauritius Honeymoons

After being come upon unexpectedly by many seafaring nations in search of other land, Mauritius is now a hodgepodge of very unique cultures: Indian, Chinese, Creole, French, English and Dutch, which makes this island an interesting and unique getaway for a honeymoon in Africa.

With teeming wildlife, a rich marine environment, countless trekking opportunities and a diversity of historical towns, Mauritius is a romantic paradise.

In your itinerary, make sure you include dolphin watching, snorkeling, witnessing a sword climbing ceremony and perhaps seeing a performance of the sega, a traditional erotic Mauritian dance.

Seychelles Honeymoons

The Seychelles is a country of 115 islands, many of which are not inhabited.

Truly a paradise on earth, Seychelles is surrounded by crystal azure ocean, a shoreline that stretches as far as the eye can see, and surrounding coral which is more than world class.

As a general rule, go to Mahe if you want to be on the beach yet still near the crowd. However, if what you want is a truly secluded hideaway away from EVERYTHING, visit the smaller islands.

If you're looking for the most luxurious and private hideaway, Fregate Island is a popular holiday destination—an island paradise with only one resort , Fregate Island Lodge .

Madagascar Honeymoons

An enchanting place with a very unique people (make sure you know the many taboos before your visit ), Madagascar has been isolated from the rest of the world for many years.

A Madagascar honeymoon will undoubtedly be very memorable but it is not for those who are unused to less than pristine conditions especially when traveling around.

However, this is the place to honeymoon in Africa if you are both into eco-tourism. If you do decide to tour this BIG island, make sure you make reservations with a tour operator as traveling around can be VERY frustrating otherwise.

Zanzibar Honeymoons

Zanzibar ( off Tanzania, about 1 hour and 15 minutes by plane ) may be a place for more wildlife and safari exploration, but Honeymoons in Zanzibar is really all about the beach. It’s days of leisure by the beach or on your bungalow balcony. Make sure you choose a truly romantic accommodation to spice it up.

Kenya Honeymoons

Kenya is an idyllic getaway for your honeymoon in Africa. Together, you can explore the Masai Mara National Park which is more often than not the major draw to this beautiful country.

For some romantic outdoor activities, have a romantic dinner by candlelight out in the bush with your very own waiter, stay in a romantic resort and laze in the jacuzzi until…., And of course, there’s Mombasa’s beautiful beaches to explore.

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