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Perfect Island Getaways For Romantic Vacations

At Tropical-Island-Vacation.Net, we offer you ideas and recommendations to make your romantic getaways absolutely perfect!

Romantic Getaways In Tropical Destinations

Romantic Getaway Ideas

Rent An Island

Get away in a Robinson-Crusoe-like fashion for the ultimate secluded romantic getaway.

The only difference between you and Crusoe is that you will be staying in a luxurious villa or resort, have butlers or maids at your service and always have a sumptuous feast whenever you want.

Cayo Espanto is probably one of the more famous islands you can rent being a top celebrity destination, but there are many other private islands just as gorgeous worldwide.

Rent A Villa

Have you had enough of big resorts with screaming children and people on group tours? Then rent an island or a beachfront villa for a romantic getaway—you have the place all to yourself and it is definitely much quieter.

Many villas, considering what you get, are surprisingly cheaper than staying in a resort. The company, myvillarenter offers excellent prices for villa rental worldwide – from luxury island villas to budget priced villas with pools.

Stay In A Castle

Yes, a castle! You won’t have knights on duty, but you’ll surely feel you’re a member of a monarchy when you take a romantic walk on castle grounds or explore the castle’s hallways hand in hand.

Stay In A Boutique Hotel Or A Cozy Inn

There’s always something cozy about staying in a bed and breakfast, an inn or a boutique hotel that caters to couple accommodation

Many of the rooms are lovingly designed and since they’re smaller than your usual resort, you feel more at home and well taken care of.

Take A Tropical Cruise

For couples only cruises can surely be a great romantic getaway ( if you don’t get seasick of course ). Various cruise lines schedule such trips every now and then ( some specialize in romantic cruises alone) so its always a good idea to watch out for these deals.

Get Away At The Last Minute

Suddenly thought about wanting to get away for a romantic weekend? You don’t have to go very far. See if there’s an inn or a resort nearby which you both haven’t been to and just stay in the whole weekend—and make sure you follow these rules: no TV and no phones.

Alternatively, you can book last minute romantic getaway packages which usually takes you to romantic places inclusive of a flight, hotel, dining, car rental and perhaps a tour.

Popular Romantic Getaway Destinations

Listed below are top romantic island getaway destinations worldwide.


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