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Exploring Santorini Island In Greece

What to do on Santorini Island, Greece as well as tips about the best luxury hotels, villas, and apartment

Santorini Island At A Glance

Get on your moped and experience what island living is like – beaches of all shapes, sizes and color grace the shore, quaint villages decorate the cliffs, and a caldera formed by a volcanic eruption artistically dominates the area.

This is what Santorini island in Greece is like.

Santorini is the main island of Greece’s Cyclades and is comprised of 18 unique villages. These villages are:

1. Fira
2. Oia
3. Imerovigli
4. Firostefani
5. Akrotri
6. Thirassia
7. Messa gonia
8. Exo Gonia
9. vothonas

  10. finikia
11. Karterados
12. Emborio
13. Pirgos
14. Megalochori
15. Messaria
16. Monolithos
17. Kamari
18. Perissa

Like many of the Greek islands, Santorini is a hot destination for travelers looking for a unique beach destination.

True, the island is known for its beaches and villages, but more importantly, many know it for the Caldera in the middle of the island.

Things to Do In Santorini Island

  • Renting a scooter on an island holiday is a must do activity that my husband and I never fail to do during a holiday and we highly recommend this when you visit Santorini Island.

Just bear in mind that you need to be a good driver to do this on Santorini as the roads are very narrow and windy.

We also recommend the following Santorini Island Activities

  • Explore all the beaches in Santorini Island
    Walk to Red Beach which has a magnificient red volcanic cliff.

    The black beaches of Kamarri and Perissa are also a sight to see but remember that these beaches are where most tourists congregate.

    For quiet and more private beaches,
    go to Monolithos or Vlihada ( Take a sandwich or some snacks with you as finding food here is not that easy ) . Also, black sand can be very hot so include some flip flops on your packing list.
  • Watch sunsets at Oia
    Almost all tourists do this so expect a bit of a crowd.
  • Walk up to the villages on the cliffs...
    and see the view the villagers wake up to everyday. This requires a lot of stamina (going up a hill, that is).
  • Go to the Caldera
    Why? No explanation needed.
  • Try riding a mule/donkey in Fira
    It may be uncomfortable, but try it at least once just for the experience.
  • Take a leisurely cruise around the islands
    Ask the hotel you’re staying at for details or go to a tour agency.
  • Visit museums and galleries

Santorini Island Accommodation

For accommodation in Santorini island, check the following articles on our site. Remember that many hotels in Santorini are on a cliff ( expect lots of stairs ) and they often do not offer big resort type atmosphere ( which I personally prefer ).

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