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Sciacca Sicily Holidays

An Introduction To Sciacca Accommodation And Attractions

Sciacca Sicily takes you to a place many call the real Italy.

Not often a pit stop for many tourists, it’s a charming and quiet town which has retain much of the culture and the lifestyle of a Sicilian.

Sciacca is definitely not a place to meet many tourists or to party at night. Instead, it’s a place where you can truly appreciate the charm of Sicily’s countryside and mingle with friendly locals.

Some other reasons for traveling to Sciacca are the following:

  • Sciacca is a good base for day trips to Selinunte and Agrigento
  • The town is also known for its thermal baths
  • Sciacca also boasts some of Sicily’s most beautiful beaches

Sciacca Car Hire

Like many other places in Sicily, it is possible to use public transportation from Sciacca to other towns in the area. But I recommend renting a car during your stay to be assured of a hassle free holiday and easier movement between towns.

Remember, many Sicilians you meet may not speak English and even the easy task of buying a bus ticket can prove to be a very tricky situation. And in Sciacca, which is part of the more or less poorer region of Sicily and is less touristy, the percentage of none English speaking locals is very high.

But if you prefer not to hire a car in Sciacca and would rather go for public transportation, read this article about public transportation in Sicily.

NoteNote: Check out this website for some excellent package deals in Sicily including car rental.

Sciacca Accommodations

Sciacca accommodations are not all that plentiful compared to the more touristy towns in Sicily. But it’s still easy to find some very charming hotels and vacation rental properties in the area.

Featured below are two Sciacca accommodations: one is a hotel, the other, a vacation rental property. I’ve also listed down some links where you can find some good deals for villas and properties for rent in and near the town.

Villaggio Torre Macauda

This is a 3-star hotel which is part of a residential complex. It’s one of Sciacca’s fancier hotels and offers various room accommodations from hotel room suites to brick bungalows to apartments.

The complex, covered by lush gardens and has a scenic view of the sea, also offers various entertainment facilities such as an indooor and outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts and water sports.

Verdetecnica Apartment Rental

There are quite a few villas, farmhouses, apartments and vacation rental properties in Sciacca, but Verdetecnica is one of the more popular ones.

This self-catering apartment is a restored Sicilian farmhouse offerring 1-2-3 bedroom apartments. There are 7 units in the property which are available for rent from Apartment Monika which has its own private garden to Casa Lucchese which is a free standing farmhouse that can accommodate 8 people.

To read more about aparment and villas in Sciacca Italy or to make a reservation, visit the following website:

  • Vacation Home Rentals (opens a new window) – This is a worldwide vacation rental site and has a good selection of villas and apartments in Sciacca.

Other Things To Do In Sciacca Sicily

The most popular Sciacca attraction is probably it’s proximity to many Greek temples and architectural wonder. In many ways, Sciacca is just a small quiet town and the hubbub of places like Taormina or Palermo is virtually non-existent here. But that doesn’t mean that there's nothing to do here.

Listed below are some of the attractions and possible activities that you can do during your Sciacca holiday.

  • Make sure you go for a walk on Piazza De Scandaliato where many of the locals spend a lazy day strolling this seaside walkway. Very relaxing and quiet place –good for people watching.
  • Well, like any place in Italy, the food is always their specialty. And Sciacca is no exception. The seafood here is most special.
  • The many thermal baths surrounding Sciacca have always attracted many including the early Greeks. And if this is your thing, you’ll surely enjoy this.
  • Go for a swim in the many beautiful beaches near the area which are deemed to be some of the best that Sicily has to offer.
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