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Cheap Sharm El Sheikh Holidays

Sharm El Sheikh, located on the red sea coast of Egypt's desert region: The Sinai, started life as a sleepy fishing village and was transformed during the 1980's due to developers cashing in on its great popularity as a scuba diving destination.There's more to it than just scuba, but that's the main draw.

To give you an idea of how popular this resort town is, be aware that there is a Hard Rock Café. As you've probably guessed, prices are nowhere near as low as they used to be but compared to scuba diving say the barrier reef, to which Sharm El Sheikh's reefs are comparable, it's a snip.

Sharm El Sheikh has two distinct areas, first Na'ama Bay, which is basically the tourist centre of the town. Here you'll find your moneychangers, banks, restaurants, cafés, nightclubs etc. Set on a beautiful sandy bay with the requisite palm trees it's a great place to sunbath in the day and for night life at night. Secondly you have Sharm el Maya, the old town. This too has a lovely long sandy bay and is slightly quieter and less developed than Manama bay.

Things to do


This is probably why you are thinking of coming to Sharm El Sheik and it's out of this world. Aficcionados rate the diving here as second only to the Great Barrier Reef and it truly is fantastic. The two most popular reefs are Ras Mohammed and Tiran.

There are many diving centers in town so shop around but five days diving with 2 dives a day is going to set you back about 250 euros. Not too bad for some of the best diving in the world. However these spots can get busy so you might consider a diving safari. No more expensive than paying day by day, you can visit less popular and more remote spots.

Camel Treks

Truly an experience. Trek of into the desert on camel back and experience sleeping under a desert moon. Your guides will cook food in the traditional Bedouin manner and as long as you can put up with the swaying motion of your humpbacked steeds it's something you'll never forget. It's unlikely you'll have seen a bigger sky or as many stars in your life

Quad biking

Not sure how I feel about this really but you can tour the desert by quad bikes, which admittedly does sound like a lot of fun. A popular destination is the stunning colored canyon.

Horseback riding

It's a fairly simple task to arrange tours by horse, and of course much more environmentally friendly than carbon dioxide spewing quad bikes. It's a lot easier to learn to drive a quad bike than ride a horse though…..

Getting There And Around

Sharm El Sheikh can be reached by bus (popularly from Cairo) and plane at its busy little airport. Getting around is done by ever-present old Peurgeot taxis. These are big cars and can take a fair few people.

Trip to Mount Sinai

It's not that close and it's an overnight hike but worth it to reach the peak of the mountain where God and Moses did their thing with tablets.

Cheap Places For A Holiday

Shop around before you go. Deals do come up. Here's a sample of some of the cheaper ones. All prices are for 2 adults sharing one room and represent pretty good value for your cheap holiday in Sharm El Sheikh

If you have any stories or tips about cheap holidays to Sharm el Sheikh , we would love to know more about them. Click here to send us your story.


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