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Where To Go For Skinny Dipping
In The Bahamas For Your Island Vacations

Advice on skinny dipping in the Bahamas and beaches and resorts that allow nude sunbathing and/or topless bathing

Skinny dipping locations in the Bahamas are not hard to find (even Salma Hayek found one - odds on her being around when you are?)

With many islands and many secluded resorts, guests who want to go au naturel usually just take it upon themselves to go skinny dipping—after all, it’s almost always easy to find a place where you’re the only one around (as long as you don’t stay in the busy areas, of course )

Before you strip off though, remember that nudity in public places is illegal in the Bahamas. However, with the many beaches where there’s hardly a soul in sight, you’re often practicallly on your own private beach. So basically, you just have to strip off at your own risk (I’ve never heard or read about anyone who’s been apprehended )

To make things easier for those who want to skinny dip in the Bahamas, it is best to consider the following:

  • Stay at a resort with a private beach
  • Go to one of the quieter islands
  • Rent a vacation rental property with a private beach. Check this one out - it is a vacation rental property in New Providence. This is a secluded beachfront villa where you will have no problem skinny dipping in the Bahamas at all.

You might also want to check out the following hotels which are clothing optional and/or tolerate topless women.

a. Cutlass Bay Club, Cat Island
b. Breezes Bahamas Eden Bay Nudist Resort
c. Club Med
d. Club Wyndham Viva Fortuna

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