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St. Croix Travel Guide

St. Croix is part of the Virgin Islands, which are now a part of the United States. If you’d like to travel to an exotic island without leaving the United States, then St. Croix is the travel destination for you. St Croix has two townships for your visiting pleasure – Christiansted and Frederiksted. Christiansted is famous for being the spot where Christopher Columbus and his crew landed in 1493, although Frederiksted has a lot to offer as well. Stroll through Frederiksted’s fantastic shops, check out the rain forest, or take a tour of Whim Greathouse, a restored plantation from the 1700s. Sightseeing tours of both townships are available through your hotel, or rent a car and put together your own sightseeing tour.

If you’re a scuba diver, you’ll want to check out the dive off of Buck Island in Christiansted – it’s well known as a wonderful dive spot. Christiansted also has many great shops for you to visit, which offer exotic treasures like crystal and perfumes and more traditional souvenir t-shirts to take home with you.

St. Croix is also renowned for its diverse culinary heritage – you’ll find French, International, American and traditional island cuisine there. You’ll definitely want to make a stop at Bacchus in Christiansted, which boasts the largest selection of wine in St Croix. They also offer steak, seafood, traditional dishes and many more tasty delights, although you’ll need to make dinner reservations ahead of time, since the restaurant fills up quickly.

Sailing is another great experience to be found in St. Croix, where you can explore over one hundred little island islets and cays. If you don’t trust your sailing skills, you can charter a boat with a guide to take you directly to the best views. Prices for your sailing trip will vary, depending on whether you want to take out a luxury yacht or a regular sailboat. Some chartered sailboats also provide a snorkeling experience for vacationers – which can really be a treat in the clear, beautiful waters of St. Croix.

There are also several different types of accommodations to choose from in St. Croix, including villas, hotels, resorts, and vacation homes. Whether you want to be on the beach or nestled within the small towns, it’s easy to find an option that fits your budget. The price of your accommodations will vary depending upon the amenities you choose, but hotels typically average around $114/night, while villas can be in the thousands. The amount you spend will depend on how many people will be traveling with you and what time of year you’ll be going. Sometimes you can get special deals for off-season travel dates – check with your travel agent or any travel site on the Internet to find these deals.

In addition, travel arrangements are easy to make to St. Croix. You can get nonstop flights from most major airports such as New York, Atlanta, and Boston on American Airlines, Delta, and U.S. Airways. You can also use a connecting service if you’re flying in from Canada, the Far East, South America or Europe. Once you arrive in St. Croix, you can go between islands on a commuter plane in less than 17 minutes, which can be a great way to add variety to your vacation, without adding significantly to your travel budget.

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