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Taking a Caribbean Vacation with Kids

Some couples like to explore the Caribbean on their own and have a very romantic, exciting time of it. Others want to make their Caribbean getaway a family affair. If you're taking your children with you on your island adventure, you'll want to be sure to plan some events just for them.

First, it's vitally important to find a hotel that is kid-friendly. Most of them will be, but some go as far as to offer discounts for children. If you're on a limited budget, this can really help keep costs down, especially since lodging costs are going to be some of your largest expenses. Staying at a hotel that has a private beach is also a good way to keep your children in check. You'll know exactly where they're swimming and feel safe knowing that there are hotel staff members nearby in case of an emergency.

While few children will be allowed to scuba dive, they can snorkel in many areas of the Caribbean. Snorkeling is an excellent way to check out all the native fish and other undersea sites . plus, it's not that difficult. Even younger children . if they know how to swim . can enjoy the snorkeling experience. If you're going to snorkel with a tour guide or have a local company take you out on a boat to snorkel, you'll want to make sure they have fins and masks for children. Also inquire about prices, since some may have lower rates for children.

If your kids are too young to snorkel, consider taking a ride in a glass bottomed boat. These boats let you and your younger kids look down upon the ocean floor and see everything that lives under the sea without ever getting wet. Be sure to find a tour that's appropriate for your children's' ages. Younger children shouldn't be out as long as older ones, and may be more prone to motion sickness on boat rides.

Older children might enjoy renting a jet ski or going on a sailboat while in the Caribbean. These can be great things for families to do together if the kids are old enough. One important thing to remember is that most Caribbean countries don't have the same age limits that the United States does. What would be illegal for a teen to do here may be perfectly acceptable in the Caribbean. This means that many teens will be able to legally rent jet skis or go on excursions on their own.

Along the same lines, older teens will be able to order alcohol at restaurants without being asked for ID. While the hotel restaurants and other places near the main tourist areas most likely won't allow this, local bars and places to eat might. This is something you . as a parent . should keep in mind when letting your teenagers wonder around the Caribbean on their own.

All in all, while there are a few things to watch out for, most kids will have a great time on a Caribbean vacation. The beach and the ocean can keep younger kids and even teens entertained for hours on end, and when they get bored with swimming, there are many different activities they can enjoy. If you're looking for a great place for a family vacation, the Caribbean should be on your list.

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