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Explore The Tulum Ruins Of Mexico
A Scenic Archaeological Site

It may not be as grand as the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza, but the Tulum ruins, seen as the most picturesque of them all, attracts thousands of visitors into its walled city.

The Mayan ruins of Tulum are perched on a hill with a magnificent view of the ocean. This is a walled city accessible only by going through one of its 5 gates. ( Photo by Lore )

El Castillo or The Castle is this walled city’s main structure. It’s not as grand as other ruins in the Mayan region but it is majestically perched on the edge of the cliff which the city is built on. Because of this unique location and its towering view of the ocean, the Tulum ruins are of much interest to travelers in Quintana Roo.

Tulum Ruins MexicoSome other structures in the Tulum ruins include :

  • The Templo de los Frescos (Temple of Frescoes)
  • The Temples of the descending Gods (Templo del dios descendente )
  • La Casa del Cenote ( The House of Cenote)
  • El Templo del Mar (The Temple of The Sea)
  • The Temple Of the Wind

Tulum Ruins Location & Going There

The Tulum Ruins are only about one hour ride from Playa del Carmen and 2 hours from Cancun.

The Bus To Tulum
The most economical way to get to Tulum is by bus. If you don’t mind the perks or fun ( whichever way you put it ) of Mexico’s public transportation, this can be an adventure in itself.

You can book your bus tickets online although it’s not really that much of a hassle if you just buy one at the bus station.

Buses can be a bit irregular from Cancun. If this should happen during the time you’re there, just take a bus to Playa del Carmen and then buy your ticket for Tulum from there.

Colectivos are vans which you can easily flag down. Ask the hotel you’re staying at where you can get them.

Car Rental
If you want to travel on your own time and money, it’s not problem to rent a car. Getting to Tulum is very easy. Just follow Highway 307. You can’t miss the Tulum ruins as there are many signs that lead you to this popular Mayan site.

Remember that the town of Tulum is about a few kilometers after the Tulum ruins archaeological site. If you find yourself in Tulum, you’ve missed the turn.

Note: The Tulum ruins are about a 5-10 minute walk from where cars and buses are parked. If walking is not your thing, there’s a tram that you can take for a fee.

Tulum Mayan Ruins Tour

If you can’t be bothered making all the planning and worrying about car rentals, buses and all, there are many tours that you can easily book from Cancun or Playa del Carmen.


  • There is a small beach near the Tulum Mayan ruins where you can swim. Take your bathing suit if you plan to get in the water
  • The ruins take only about 1-2 hours exploration but it can get very hot. Don’t forget your bottle of water.
  • Guides are available at the entrance if you want. Alternatively, you can just buy a small brochure about the ruins and help yourself around.
    • Go early in the morning to miss the crowds.

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