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Useful Spanish Phrases for Gringos

When traveling to Mexico or any Spanish-speaking land, it's certainly helpful to know a few phrases 'en espaņol'. One does not necessarily need to know Spanish to visit tourist destinations like Cancun or Playa del Carmen, but it certainly helps to enhance the overall experience if you are able to communicate your wants and needs in the native language of the locals. Plus, it's fun. Being able to say a few things in Spanish on your tropical island vacation will adds to the experience of vacationing abroad.

Here are some common phrases with their Spanish translations. Remember, H's are silent in Spanish, so "hola" is pronounced like "ola". Additionally, J's are pronounced with an H sound and two Ls side by side are pronounced with a Y sound. So "jugo", which means juice, is pronounced like "hugo" while "calle", which means street, is pronounced "cay-ye".

Hello Hola
Good day Buenos dias
Good night Buenos noches
We go to [location] Vamos a [location]
Nice to meet you Mucho gusto
My name is... Mi llamo es...
What is your name? Como se llama?
The check, please La cuenta, por favor
Keep the change Es propina
Where is... Donde esta...
What time is it? Que hora es?
Yes or no? Si o no?
I like it! Me gusta!
I don't speak Spanish No hablo espaņol
I speak a little Spanish Hablo poquito espaņol
Do you speak English? Hablas ingles?
I need a doctor Necesito un medico
At what time? A que hora?
Where is the bathroom? Donde esta el baņo?
I am from the United States Soy de los estados unidos
I love you Te amo
I am good Estoy bien
We are good Estamos bien
How much does it cost? Cuanto cuesto?
Welcome Bienvenido
How are you? Como esta usted?
Cheers! Salud!
Sorry Lo Siento or Perdon
Happy Birthday! Felix Cumpleaņos!
Happy New Year! Feliz Aņo Nuevo!
Good luck! Buena suerte!
A little bit Un poco
I am staying at... Estoy en el hotel...
Give me a kiss Dame un beso

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