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Visiting the Gili Islands

The tropical islands of Indonesia include far more than just the popular Bali. Lombok is another area of Indonesia with some particularly notable tropical island options. The tropical Gili Islands, located near the northwest coast of Lombok, are a backpacker destination that is supposedly gaining some more elegant options too. Travelers can choose from a variety of islands and accommodations on these relatively unique islands.

One of the main things that is notably important about the Gili Islands is the fact that no motorized transportation is allowed on any of the three islands. The word .Gili. apparently translates as .small. and these islands rather appropriately named islands thankfully have no major necessity for motorized transportation either. This means that all of the noise and smoke of scooters and motorbikes found in other areas of Indonesia is left behind in exchange for the relative tranquility of carts and horses. A rare environmental advancement in modern society, the ecological choices made by the people of the Gili islands are surprisingly wise. This in combination with other eco-tourist enhancements likely makes the Gili Islands one of the best places for environmentally conscious tourists looking for a quaint and relatively cost effective tropical vacation.

There are only three islands in the Gili Islands group. Gili Trawangan is the largest of the three islands and is also the most visited. If looking for a fun place to enjoy a beach party, then Gili Trawangan is likely the best choice in the Gili Islands. The island has a population of only around 800 residents, although many more visitors may be present depending on the season. Gili Air is the closest to Lombok of the three islands and is generally considered to be a better choice than Gili Trawangan for families and couples looking for tranquility free from the party scene. The island is apparently the chosen home of almost a thousand more residents than Gili Trawangan, likely for many of the same reasons. Lastly Gili Meno is a good option for travelers looking for another level of tranquility. The island is home to only around 300 residents and the beaches are notably more gorgeous than the other two islands.

The Gili Islands also tend to have much less rain than the island of Bali. This is another major plus for beach lovers who prefer enjoying sunny days on their holiday. Since one of the main attractions of the Gili Islands is the ability to be in nature doing nothing, doing nothing on a sunny day is certainly a plus when there are plenty of palm trees around for shade.

The Gili Islands feature many aquatic activities in addition to relaxing on or near the beach. There are numerous dive shops and also snorkeling options available. The Gili Islands are apparently considered a good place to get a PADI dive certification. The islands are documented as having professional dive operators and the relatively warm waters are said to have good visibility.

Enjoy a stay on the Gili islands and be sure to care for the islands as much as their residents seem to.

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