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Wonders of Underwater Palau

One world famous tropical island destination for divers today is located in the islands of Palau. Palau was apparently voted as the .Number One Underwater Wonder of the World. by an international organization of marine scientists and conservationists (known as CEDAM) for very good reasons.

Palau boasts a rich abundance of varied diving locations that range from luscious waving underwater forests teeming with a vast array of fish to sunken ships and planes from the WWII era waiting to be explored by adventurous divers. There are spectacular coral gardens, ancient saltwater lakes, underwater tunnels, underwater caves, and there is even a lake under the ocean where divers can take a rest on the shore without any need for dive gear. Palau is also popular for its spectacular aquatic residents and perhaps particularly for watching a certain species of larger predatory fish. Some of the diving locations are certainly not recommended for beginning or more cautious divers. This is not just because of some of the aquatic inhabitants. It is also due to some of the underwater currents in Palau being relatively strong for SCUBA divers.

The group of relatively small rocky islands in Palau that is appropriately known as the Rock Islands is a particularly popular choice for SCUBA divers year after year. One of the famous diving locations in the Rock Islands combines a display of ocean predators and an intersection of three strong ocean currents with a spectacular coral reef wall and is known as Blue Corner. It is basically a kind of peninsula jutting out of one of the Rock Islands of Palau. Around 25 meters below the ocean surface, divers at Blue Corner can use a reef hook to hook into the reef for the purpose of maintaining their position in the rushing underwater current. The feeling of gliding through the current can be likened to flying underwater. The more a diver remains still, the closer the surrounding fish may approach. After the dazzling display of feeding fish subsides, a diver can unhook and glide into an area where the currents subside around a shelf of hard coral. There a diver may encounter an array of sea turtles, manta rays, eagle rays, and more! Blue corner is apparently a popular Palau dive spot for good reason.

Another popular location for diving in Palau is known as Blue Holes. This is basically a large underwater cavern featuring multiple entrances that appear as blue holes in the ocean floor when seen from above. This is yet another Palau diving destination that is likely better for adventurous and experienced divers. In the primary cavern there is an entrance in the northern side leading to another cave known as The Temple of Doom, if that is any indication of the advanced level of cave diving certification and equipment usually recommended for exploring it safely. The light flooding through the cavern creates a spectacular sight for divers in the cavern and the sunlight shining through the holes above is also a good photo opportunity.

Hopefully this introduction to some of tropical Palau's destinations has helped you understand more about the diving available in the island nation.

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