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Yacht Charter And Sailing Vacations In Tropical Islands

If you want to be away from the beach and explore the wide open sea, a yacht charter sailing vacation in tropical islands and destinations will surely satisfy you

From islands in the Caribbean to Greece, you can easily charter yachts for private parties or weddings, for business meetings or leisure trips or for taking your family's breath away.

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Yacht Charter Sailing VacationsWhen you charter a yacht for a sailing vaction, there are various options you can choose from depending on your skills and requirements.

1) Bareboat Charter
If you have sailing experience and revel in the moment of being a skipper as you explore the islands, go for a bareboat charter. You make your own itinerary and go wherever you want to go around the islands. This, as you probably already know, makes the yacht your sole responsibility: No crew, no other help ( unless the wife and kids don't mind ).

2) Yacht Charter With Skipper And/Or Crew
On the other hand, if all you really want is just to enjoy your Yacht sailing holiday, then go for a yacht charter with skipper and/or crew. Depending on which yacht company you hire, the skipper can either be the owner of the yacht or another very skilled skipper. Most of the skippers are also very knowledgeable about the islands you will be exploring and often than not, they will be your very own valuable tourist guide.

3) Flotilla
If you have sailing experience but are still not confident with cruising by yourself or in foreign water, then a flotilla might just be for you. This way you can sail your own yacht but at the same time, you'll be traveling with a group of other yachts led by a head skipper who knows the islands and who will also be guiding you as you cruise the sea.

4) Yacht Cruise
If you wish to rent a cabin in a yacht but not the whole yacht, a yacht cruise fits the bill. You'll be sharing the yacht with other people. There is a set itinerary during these cruises. Rates usually also include meals.

Charter A Yacht In The Following Tropical Destinations

Yacht Charter In Greece
Greece, with about 2000 islands, is a favorite for many yacht charter enthusiasts. From the sprawling green of the Ionian Islands to the romantic havens in the Cyclades, Greece is a good place for a yacht sailing vacation. Go

Caribbean Yacht Charter
Eastern Caribbean has everything to offer for sailing enthusiasts.

Choose from the Virgin Islands, the perfect sailing area, to the Leeward Islands for the more experienced sailors.

Bahamas Yacht Charter
Only about 50 miles away from Florida, the Bahamas is one of the most popular yacht destination by North Americans.

Mallorca Yacht Charter
Cruise the Balearic Island and explore the many quiet coves and beaches, this beautiful Spanish island has to offer

Florida Yacht Charter
From powerboat rental to luxury mega yachts, we feature some of the places in Florida to start your yacht charter sailing vacations.

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