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Must See Yucatan Haciendas

Listed below are three of the best Yucatan haciendas for your tropical vacations in Mexico

Yucatan haciendas have played a very important role in Mexican society and history.

Largely a place where cattle breeding and the production of henequen took place, these self-sufficient haciendas contributed much to the state’s economy.

Many of these haciendas in the Yucatan have been restored or preserved; some into tourist centers, others to resorts or hotels.

The haciendas century old charm, their elegant traditional décor, their opulent villas and craftily manicured lawns, continue to draw many visitors to Mexico into their towering gates.

Listed below are top Yucatan haciendas that you might want to see during your tropical holidays in Mexico.

Hacienda TemozonHacienda Temozon

Hacienda Temozon is one of the more exclusive hacienda resorts in the Yucatan area. A grandiose sight, this former cattle ranch has now been turned into an opulent getaway in the heartlands of the Yucatan peninsula.

About 35 minutes from the Merida International airport

Why Go?
If you don’t intend to stay in the hotel, it is still worth a visit to see this majestic Yucatan hacienda. They also serve great food and is a good place to stop by before you explore the Mayan ruins in the nearby area.

The Hotel:
LC The Hacienda Temozon is a member of the starwood luxury collection of hotels. This hotel is consistently rated as one of the world’s Top 100 hotels. General amenities include a business center, an outdoor pool and a spa.

Hacienda UayamonHacienda Uayamon

Hacienda Uayamon is the most popular hacienda nearest to Campeche. What used to be a cattle ranch now has a place for massage treatments, an outdoor pool and 12 free standing casitas.

This Yucatan hacienda which is about 30 minutes from Campeche is set in a wooded area. Expect the place to be very quiet and peaceful. This, coupled with the restored structures of the Hacienda makes it a great getaway.

Why Go?
Hacienda Uayamon is one of Mexico’s most luxurious and romantic places. It is also very near the Edzna Ruins which is Campeche’s most popular Mayan archaeological site.


The Moorish gate of Yaxcopoil welcomes every visitor to this hacienda—an imposing gate that gives a good idea of what all hacienda entrances look like.

Yaxcopoil (YASH-coh-poh-EEL) is one of the more popular Merida Yucatan haciendas. It covers about 22,000 acres of land and at its’ time was one of Merida’s more important plantations.

Hacienda Yaxcopoil is about a 20 minute drive South of Merida. Follow the main road to Uxmal.

Why Go:
Everything in the hacienda is exactly what it was in the 17th century. This gives you a strangely nostalgic feeling – as if you’re suddenly zapped back in time into Old Mexico.

The Guesthouse:
There is a guesthouse in Yaxcopoil. The daily rate is $60 USD for double occupancy.

Entrance Fee: 50 pesos/person, accompanied children free

More Information
Tel: (011-52-999) 900-1193 and 910-4469

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